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Energy Institute Level 1:
Certificate in energy management essentials: E-learning

Welcome to the Energy Institute Level 1 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials interactive e-learning portal. This course is designed to help all energy management professionals by delivering a professional qualification covering core technical and organisational skills to effectively manage energy. You can either gain the qualification by completing the full course and passing the exam or register for individual modules.

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 Certificate in Energy Management Essentials
1: Introduction to Energy Management: Building an Energy Management Process available now free of charge
2: Metering and Buying now available
3: Monitoring and Targeting Techniques now available
4: Regulations and Standards now available
5: Energy Auditing in Practice now available
6: Energy Auditing: Report Writing now available
7: Energy Management Solutions now available
8: Energy Management: Project Development now available
9: Renewables now available
10: Mounting an Effective Staff Awareness Campaign now available
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